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Laparoscopy is a surgical, diagnostic procedure to examine the abdominal and reproductive organs. It is a minimally invasive and low-risk procedure through which doctors view the internal organs and diagnose the underlying problems. Laparoscopy is also used to collect samples of tissues for testing.
Generally, laparoscopy is recommended when other diagnostic tests like ultrasound scans and X-rays cannot confirm the cause of the disease. Laparoscopy is performed to-

  • Know the possible reasons for infertility
  • Look for the fallopian tube blockage
  • Confirm pelvic inflammatory disease and endometriosis

How is Laparoscopy performed?

A long, thin tube-like device called a laparoscope is used to perform laparoscopy. The device is equipped with a high-intensity and high-resolution camera at the front that sends images to a video monitor.
The doctor makes a small incision in the abdomen and passes the laparoscope through it. It provides a direct view of the below organs without open surgery-

  • Uterus
  • Ovaries
  • Fallopian tubes
  • Liver
  • Pancreas
  • Gallbladder
  • Spleen
  • Stomach

Laparoscopy is a safe procedure with minimum side effects or complications. Visit Pragati IVF Center to know more about Laparoscopy and get the right treatment from the best surgeons!